I still remember you


I met so many people on the road that after a while, I don’t remember them at all. Whenever  I go back and read my own diary that I start to wonder if I am Schizophrenic, because I have no recollection of some of the people I encountered. Who are these people? I don’t believe I am someone who does something like this with people.

So it is pretty clear to me what it means to me when I still remembered you after two months. And those four amazing nights we spent together in that small town in the middle of nowhere.

I thought it was one of those short term flings that people get on the road. Because you know, we were in a strange land, travelers are lonely and horny. Then there’s always the reality of getting home: a wake up call for all of us that whatever happened was only temporary.

But I need to be sure, because my new found independence demands no regrets. It took me a month, but I have finally taken cared of things enough that I can move again. I know that if I don’t go to Europe. I will have regrets. I will be seeing you sometime in the next 6 months.

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