The only way forward

In a previous post, I mapped out the road map for a family to rise to power. Three generation to prosperity. 

I have since changed my thinking on that. You see, it feels very unfair if I have to wait so long and just humbly toil the soil away in hopes that my next generation will reap the benefits. Why can’t I do that? And with the previous mindset, I took on the job for the American Branch office. Thinking that I should leverage the previous generation’s efforts.

But the world is not that simple. What I got out of the experiment is that I am now even more sure that I need to make my own way on my own path. Even if I am a rich beyond belief and will never need to work in my life again, real success only comes from my own dreams.

It seems to me that whenever I am in my home, I experience the worst part of life. This place has nothing but memories of broken stuff that needs repair and the darkest recesses of my soul. I can’t wait to finish the repairs and move on. But consolidating life is taking longer than I thought.

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