Landlord is kicking me out

So, after 15 years of sharing living spaces with others, I am getting kicked out for the second time in my life. I usually don’t write about people I live with, but this is a pretty epic deal. That’s a 13% chance of me being an incompatible roommate. Let’s rewind to last night to the step by step of what happened for record keeping purposes.

-Got home from work at around 3~4PM

-Took shower

-Cooked dinner. Chicken Carbonara

-Informed landlord that I am going to be doing laundry for the next while.

-Commented on the amount of steak that they prepared and learned that they are having guest over.

-Slept, left them alone with their party

-Had to appear a few time in my pajamas because I had no clean cloth

-Started mingling with the guests because I feel bad if I don’t at least say hi.

-Worried about me wearing pajamas, looked at the guys and they were wearing shorts and hockey Jerseys. I should be fine.

-Lots of conversation going on between the girls. Nothing happening for the guys. Changed subjects a few times and it never go anywhere.

-Got into a long discussion with the landlord on TSLA and Bitcoin. Tried to steer away from TSLA because of his own involvement in the stock.

-Guests started leaving. I stood at the door with the landlord to say goodbye, but still engaged in the conversation.

-Around 9:45PM all my cloths are finally dried.  Last of the guests left and I was sitting on the couch still talking with the landlord.

-Landlord’s wife came back in and said something along the line of: “Peter, from now on you are no longer allowed to hang around the living room area. I am sick and tired of you monopolizing my husband. That’s why the guests ended up leaving because you guys were talking business. My sister was saying “What’s up with that?” When they wanted to talk to my husband too. I also don’t like you changing the channel on something I was watching. That’s why we have a TV box in your room for that. Also, I cleaned your bathroom for you guys so pay up the $35. I am also going to talk to Tory about that.”

-She proceeded to say something about the laundry machine that I still have access, I am not sure what was said about the kitchen. But I remember that I am now confined to my room only basically because that’s what the contract said. (The contract never specified space sharing).

I had a deer in the headlight moment at first because I was having a great conversation with the landlord that was suddenly cut off. Switched through a few emotional state and ruled out a bad joke. Then fear set in that I didn’t have time to examine until later. So I observed her body language while sitting still, the business man taking over. She sought her husband’s support by stating that “this is something that we agreed on right?” and the husband remained silent while they looked at each other. This is when I know it is probably a burst that weren’t discussed with the husband before. I pissed her off somehow… during the party.

To her speech, I replied. “I understand, this is YOUR house. You can do whatever you want.” Mainly to de-escalate her anger, but by this time, I know that there is no saving this due to the tone that was used. I promptly got out of there and back into my room.

The whole time, one name kept on repeating in my mind. Frenchie. Yes, now you know what it is. Funny how you keep on bumping into different people that are the clone of those you lived with in your frosh year. Better at hiding their nature, yes… but the tells are all the same. I was aware of this and took measures to minimize the chances of pissing her off since she got back, but I wasn’t 100% sure that it was Frenchie because she’s been very nice to me and offering a lot of free things for me that I’ve declined (because of the suspicion of Frenchie)

To get an idea of what I’ve been doing to minimize my exposure to their life. I leave for work from 6:30AM to 6~7PM on weekdays and 9AM to 4PM on weekends. I mostly stay in my room and I eat out all the time. The only interaction with them is when I am eating In And Out burger in the living room with TV because I brought my dinner home (every other day). And I don’t have a TV box in my room that can receive cable.

The fear, after some introspection, is the loss of all the efforts I made into befriending the landlord and that unfortunately, I will not be able to keep in touch with him in the future. The other part of the fear is that the wife’s opinion is what the landlord actually feels which means that I’ve been a VERY bad tenant. The wife will probably not like it if we hang out together in the future. He is a chill guy and a great car mechanic. I also understand that from their perspective, everything that I do as a tenant is put on the magnifying glass because this is their home and I am just an invader to their own habit. A very different situation if you are all renting from a landlord who doesn’t live there.

I am too old to be sharing living spaces now. My social security number can’t come fast enough.






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