I am still a poor pup

Wealth is such a weird notion.

I can’t really expense hookers and blow on a corporate expense account, nor can I justify video game purchases and vacation packages. Yet large capital transactions that exceed my annual salary is ok. With no way to access my actual salary and living only on the residual interests earned in my Canadian accounts, life outside of work resembles that of a homeless person.

I often wonder what the accountant taking care of my account think when they see all my business expenses piling up at the speed of light. At American standard of living, a hamburger might be mistaken for a gourmet dinner at a Michelin star restaurant. I don’t expect them to understand the difference in cost of living, so I know it probably doesn’t sit well with frugal minded people back at headquarters. The one thing I hope they realize is that I am currently optimizing for time, so cost is mainly tossed to the back of my mind. The reason why they can rest assure that I am using the money correctly is because I don’t need the money and I’ve had a long history of responsible financial management as my background… not that they know about it as I found out the CEO hates people who dabble in finances.

I’ve been stuck like this for a while now. Not able to pursue any interest or participate in any social events. But the govermental limitation might be a good deterrant for becoming king crazy with all the distractions possible at my finger tip just waiting for that spigot of money to be open.

I think it is part of what makes me feel like an impostor. Knowing that I have the power to do something, but limited by some obscene rule that is the result of twisted government regulation and political favor bribing. The reality that people see are the one with hands tied behind my back, while the reality that I know, is the number that I am staring at in my account right now. But…

A lie is simply a failed promise. I know better than making promises that are not really in the now.

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