Destruction of leaving

I think I’ve figured out an underlying theme in our society that I believe is pretty toxic. When you leave a place, the vultures start to circle.

It is always during this period of time that I lose the most amount of money. Once people hear about you leaving, the first thing that usually gets in their mind is “I better get my share of what he owes me”. Whether it is in a form of lien placed on your condo for repairs that hasn’t happened yet. Or contracts that have to be broken for service that isn’t even rendered.

As such, I am bumping into moral hazards everywhere and I am just a guy trying to do the right thing for people. At times like these I ask myself:”What is the right thing to do if money is just a piece of paper that’s worth nothing?” Or “What would Elon do?”

I’ve also found out the hard way that talking about “Moral fiber” doesn’t mean that a corporation will “act” with moral fiber. For this and for the question of whether or not I’d look back at myself in the future with disgust and regret, I’ve proceeded to do the right thing. Taking into consideration that everything I’ve done wrong in this mission went wrong because I followed orders. Orders from a corporation on the other side of the world with no understanding of the American culture at all.

It’d be so much easier, if I just picked up and disappear without telling anyone.

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