Breathing time

It’s been a year since I’ve taken on this new path. I don’t recall having a proper two day weekend or any time to breath until now. Time to reflect with a desk that is again too messy to my liking. The lifestyle is a stark contrast to the period before when I was desperately trying to get myself motivated to working on my projects at home. The contrast in efficiency and my ability to get things done is like day and night.

Then again, my current state is also as a result of  that two years of slumber where I felt like my efforts were going nowhere and that I will probably never see any results. Who would’ve known that they are all coming to fruition now that I am no longer actively pursuing them. I kept thinking, how big they could become if only I have continued and never gave up?

Back then, I had a nagging feeling that I’d have more success coming to USA to do the same thing, so the priority was aimed at being able to get here and conduct business legitimately. Now that I am here, I feel justified with my gut feeling and now understands why it is so. The catch, is that I have to give up working on my projects in order to do so. US citizens, have no idea how lucky they are.

The pressures suits me. Turns me into a cutthroat asshole. I probably ruffled a few feathers as I charged along. Forced to rely on my human capital to get things done, of which I still hold some reservations about. From founding to employee #1 in two months. I am internally mad at other’s mistake which pushed the schedule into such a short time frame, but then, I am sitting here bewildered that I actually managed to complete it. Without their mistakes, I wouldn’t have known I am capable.

I have founded a corporation.

As for friend’s ruffled feathers. I guess, I’ll leave that reflection to another time in the future, when I have more than an hour to feel relaxed. Hopefully it doesn’t distance us apart, but I know better than to hope too much.


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