What used to matter, doesn’t anymore.

I got disillusioned fast once Ive seen the world. Even more so, if my lifestyle went from poor mother fucker to middle class and end up in the top 1% within the span of 5 years. The importance of this transition is that I now believe things are the way they are because it is supposed to. I took the risk and I’ve born the stress of the path I took, that is why I am where I am. That is why the 1% acknowledges me and I them. Because it is an unspoken world where one can only understand once you’ve lived in it. The 1%, it’s not the money that made them the 1%, but the power and the secrets that they wield and can’t tell. Oh the desire to tell someone is overwhelming at times.

Monetary wise, I am still not there, but the money is secondary, because we all know that at this level, power is more important than money and human connections is worth more than their weight in gold. I have to thank all the pretty woman who’ve rejected my advances in the past in shaping me into a fearless negotiator. I also have to thank all the woman who stabbed me in the heart and twisted the knives with a smirk in making my heart the cold stone that it is so that I don’t feel anything during any intense negotiations no matter how powerful the other parties are.

Now the only weakness I have, is cleavage. Dick doesn’t listen to brain at all and CEO’s know full well the weakness of a single man without a wedding ring… and some of those with a wedding ring.

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