I don’t know what aura this is

So… I am getting used to being called “sir” that I don’t notice anymore. I am also getting a surprising amount of deliberate random encounters. I can tell, because I used to try and start small talk with strangers too.

I can’t go out without meeting a new stranger everyday and I have gotten into the habit of passing them my business cards if the random conversation manages to keep up for 5min just to see if they’ll have the guts to start something.

It almost feels like when I was backpacking and everyone wants to talk to you because they can tell that you have interesting stories. Except how can they tell what have recently happened to me? It’s not like I’ve upgraded my wardrobe. Is my confidence or assertiveness flowing out?

How do I know for sure that it isn’t just me feeling cocky and misinterpreting other’s intentions? Because I noticed a definitive difference in how people treat me when I make mistakes. They started making excuses for me which places the blame firmly on their shoulders.

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