Shutting up

You probably noticed this already. I’ve been quietly shutting up over the years. A consequence directly related to the amount of time I am spending in learning law and finances. The more I know and the more I interact with people in the industry, the more I realize that I can’t say anything I want like I used to. At the same time, my life has become very boring. Building a business is a slow process so broadcasting to the net that I copied the article of incorporation for the 100th time doesn’t really make for exciting news.

What I’d like to post more often are pictures and turning this place into a more visual experience. This, sadly, will have to wait until the business earns enough money to buy a camera. I have also figured out how to have domains pointing to different part of wordpress so I can have 1 wordpress instance managing all the contents of different domains. Eventually, the root site ( will become the aggregator of all the posts on different domains.

On top of all this, I forsee a very omnious future for the web. Where whatever you write can and will be considered in libel cases. Essentially stripping away any freedom of speech. Yes, you will soon be responsible for million of dollars of losses from badmouthing a cheap plastic toy. Having understood the way the world work after delving too deep into the financial world and getting  my rose colored lense tore away from my eyes, I have become a very cynical person about truth, honor and any value that I used to hold dear. These are constructs by which our society uses to control us  through cultural brainwashing.

Now, which camera body should I buy?


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