Not winning

I know that I said I feel I’ve finally matured, but I also said you should check back in a year to see if I still feel the same way. Because the concept of reaching the end of a particular journey, and hence its goal, gave me pause. I have since understood what it means to be mature and grown up. At least for me.

Life is no longer about the win anymore. You know, the short term win, the pride of dominating and owning another and the adrenaline rush of appearing superior. The outcome and the end result of a particular goal, is what’s important. If it takes losing to tickle the good feelings of a particular person I’d like to get closer to, then so be it. This  concept took particularly long for me to understand because it is not part of the dictionary of my upbringing. What is a win? An artificial goal set by a human, someone else other than you that you have to compete in. The very fact that a loser is allowed means that the competition is not serious in itself. A really important goal in life will often bring doom and ruin to the person who fails and the chips of the games are often your own life.

The understanding of this allows me to use feelings and emotions more freely as a tool. Does it mean that I am also turning into a social path?

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