Election 2011

Analyzing laws and political statement impacts has become part of my daily routine ever since the financial crisis began in 2007. Since during an economic downturn, the interference of politics presents the biggest impact on an equity’s price and the ensuing direction. Essentially, politicians will have to heed populist anger and populist sentiments are the opinion of the median and the medians certainly don’t know how to add. Especially, when a law directly impacts their income. Then the emotion component of feeling that you just got screwed by some big entity overrides all logical reasoning for the greater good.

At least, our political landscape hasn’t gotten as grotesque as that of the US, partly due to the still great economy so it is rather easy to navigate. So in a few words, I will summarize the promises in layman term of the three parties.


I will pretend to cater to small business by giving them a small tax credit and lend to immigrant so that they can re-certify to better fit in, but we all know that the landing immigrants will not be able to find equivalent skilled work here anyway.

Oh and I will expand the Labrador energy project and sell it to the US. Other than that, a continuation of the previous year’s path is guaranteed. Which means, low interest rates with a focus on increasing RE wealth until the bubble eventually explodes like the US. We are hoping that the US economy will pick up by then so this outcome doesn’t happen.


Same hopefuls as the conservatives about the interest rates and RE. With the addition of expanding the CPP. Essentially raiding the income of the current working generation and feeding the boomers with it. At the same time, expand benefits for people who make babies and people who takes care of elders. Screw the income generators, take care of the elders and the babies. It is great in a society where there are more young working adults than other demographics, but we are in a society where the biggest demographics are the boomers.

Oh and we will also expand Labrador energy projects to feed the US as well as killing the corporate sector with taxes in order to feed the added spending.

New Democrats

Big handout to retailers with the credit card laws. We sell this by showing that consumers gets the savings passed down to them, but in reality we all know that trickle down theories don’t work. They end up in exec’s bonuses as increased margins.

Raid the income generators and feed the boomers like the Liberals, but without the handout to mothers with babies. Big bonuses to people who takes care of the elderly as well as a boost to their home value.


Originally, I wanted to vote for something other than the conservatives because I believe they are driving Canada to something resembling to the corporate US but after seeing the other two party’s promises, the Conservative party is the lesser of the three evils. As part of the minority demographics, I will vote Conservative so that my coffers don’t get drained to feed the boomers, but I advice all boomers to vote for the New Democrats while people who have a new born to vote for the Liberals. Either way, our economy is heading for a big awakening if zero interest rate and pro real estate policies continue.

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