Surpassing father

When people hear of surpassing someone, it is usually evaluated based on certain skill level, intelligence, something measureable. I have since stopped. No, more like lost interest in measuring myself in that way against other people because I found out about this life’s little secret to harmony called constant progress (curtesy of an old acquaintance of mine in the world of dancing.)

Against father? I never needed to. I grew up in a better environment, I am supposed to be “better” in the society’s measuring norm just like a genetically modified human should against the normal human and even if I don’t, as he grows older and I grow stronger, the moment will eventually come. Yet, I didn’t realize that I have surpassed my father in LIFE until this particular moment.

Father have stuck to the values of what it is to be an adult as defined by the society. While I have gone beyond that definition and saw it for what it is. Just another definition, given a meaning by the consensus agreement. How simple life used to be when I discovered that I enjoyed reading the news and feeling like a grown up before I understand in reality what the media’s role is in society. The future, from this point on, looked so divergent for me. Will I transcend understanding? Or will I go insane?

So I ask this question. What is the next phase once you’ve grown up? Are we supposed to stop and just stay here?

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