I have walked the net

and I must end this journey for I find myself disagreeing with what it has evolved into.

It was the pursuit of knowledge and the freedom of anonymity that brought me to this world. A place of debate where ideas can be passed around to be improved. An interactive sort of existence which was addictive and prohibited by my parents. Today, it is swamped by the mainstream where little attention is paid to the back and fourth exchanges that is so important to progress, instead we now have the whole world pumping information into this domain with little regards to quality.

Like this post, I don’t see the point of voicing anything. Perhaps I’ve learned too much about life because I can no longer relate to the movements in cyberspace or perhaps I just can’t relate to the younger generation that now swamps the net. Their ideas so transparent and motives naive. Like anything organic, once a certain critical mass is achieved, people start to coagulate into different special interest group and confront each other. Traction catches on and attract more and more like minded people. Except, the group can only function at the level of the lowest denominator while money and power reaches in from the backdoor to eventually take control of it. Until eventually, every confrontation breaks down to different sides fighting for more control where the score is kept in the form of money.

Except for trading programming and daily planning, I will now stop surfing the web for information and return to the simple life. The net is dead to me. It is now just a tool to be used.

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