The confidence that might come

I made a lot of big choices from September till now. I guess, I am writing to record the interim emotions. Some of my decisions have panned out well. Some have ended up in disaster. The most nerve destroying moment came when you did all your homework and the only thing left to do is to make that leap of faith in your own abilities.

I made that leap in everything I touched this time. It was despair, desperation, and depression that hit me afterwawrds. What I’ve learned so far is that the leap might be right, but the timing will never be right. The saying goes. You can pick a side or state a time, but you cannot do both.

At the moment of writing. Things are still in a transient state, but have a possibility to come out in my favor. It strengthens my belief in myself. It also made me more aggressive. My feelings are more out of whack and chaotic.

All this from taking my stand and going for it. In everything!

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