Are you satisfied?

I take note of the stages I go through, the enlightenments glinted from day to day living. That is how I noticed the current stage that I am in. Perhaps a consequence of the quarter life crisis.

Ever since the depression started in 2007. Or at least, since I started tracking it and forecasting it in 2007, I have been leaning heavily on the spirituals to calm my nerves and ease the stress. If anything, the economic problems turns life into a constant stress, au lieu de the normal up and down swings between stress and relaxation.

Sian, or rather, Zen in its mispronounced state, offered but temporary comfort on the surface. In the end, the erosion that I felt everywhere corrupts the temporary aura of peace from whatever meditation I emerged from. I feel that there is something fundamentally wrong with the teachings of any Buddhism based ideal. In that, they feel so disconnected with my self discovered meaning of life. Life is change, death is sameness.

All my efforts to calm myself down, to logically reason myself to passivity and to ascend the current state of understanding were all eventually destroyed by this one underlying question:


That is the root of all my conflicts. Every excuse, effort and action to calm myself are all because I am trying to smother this question without answering it. It transcends morality, loyalty, legality and any form of restriction that I placed upon myself. Till I eventually have to face it and answer it only to be propelled into action.


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