What happens when you microwave gourmet food?

It seems that my ultimate secret dish #2 cannot survive the abuse of microwave. After much testing involving different attempts at retaining the water, microwaving seems to harden muscle structure as the water escapes, a very annoying property of microwave. Since the evaporation happens at a cellular level, even if you wrap the meat in microwaveable saran wrap to trap the steam, they will still escape once the meat gets unwrapped. Letting the meat cool before unwrapping only serves to make a puddle of water on the skin.

Wrapping works only if the skin and meat you are cooking is fairly good at containing water (something that fish does very well) or if the texture of an ingredient allows instantaneous re-absorption of the water vapor (rice for example). I am very disappointed that I cannot make this a microwaveable dish to enjoy it at work. Combined with the complex procedure and the cost of the ingredients makes it only useful for important dinners and guests. However, the taste alone propelled it to #2 of my secret dishes. Out of all of them, this one has the greatest taste, but it simply cannot beat the #1 dish in versatility, freezability, microwaveability and cheapness (not to mention great taste+ smell). Unlike #1, with #2, I won’t be encountering scenarios where 4~5 people are gathered around my cubicle asking where that nice smell is coming from. It’s a subtle dish that relied solely on texture and taste to blow people’s mind when they least expects it.

They are still, just copies of other people’s idea though, but it is giving me hope that one day, I will be able to create my own with all the experiences I am gathering. The general direction I am heading towards is that of a mixture between French, Japanese and Mediterranean.

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