Work life integration

Being assigned as the Linux product specialist and wanting to permanently establish my mobile life is just the tipping factor required to jump start my inevitable work-life integration. The fact that they both evolves around Linux at the same instance in time blurred the gap to a point that escapes my notice. For years before this, there was always a factor that separated work and life. Either it was the high costs of engineering equipments or the difference of platforms the projects uses. Because of these, when I work on my website or program at home, I can alway make a distinction that this is not work.

So when I woke up in front of my monitor at 3AM in the morning looking at the Linux bash shell, I asked myself what I had been working on before I fell asleep.


But was it for work or myself? I couldn’t tell. Nor could I make a clear cut work efficiency decision like I did before, when I ignored everything else to chase after some strange error message I encountered at work. It didn’t take long from then till I eventually started doing work at home and testing server configurations for my home at work. The thirst for knowledge drives me on each day until I exhaust myself to a point where I can’t keep my eyes open.

Lethe sleeps on my lap in hopes that I’d pay her more attention.

People at work can’t believe I did it. What kind of a loser works till 2AM at home for work? I can see that question in the jaw dropping expression they gave me. I just can and I finally started enjoying it because I don’t want to separate life and work anymore. Once you crossed the line, there’s no more turning back to when it was just two separate events.

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