Simple cooking

I’ve been struggling to make my lunch box tastier and have perfected different main dishes suitable for microwave lunch boxes. These are then frozen and stored to survive their 2 week shelf life. I use a lunch box with two divisions so that I can mass cook different dishes on odd nights and later mix/match to my heart’s content. Yet, there’s always one dish that bothered me because they tasted awful after being microwaved: frozen veggies.

My doctor friend and a chance encounter with a food process engineer both confirmed that the nutrients in frozen veggies are kept pretty well. (while my nutritionist contact disagrees, but I prefer to trust doctors and engineers) With this information, I concluded that the most time saving and frugal way of taking my daily consumptions of veggies is in these packages of frozen veggies. Real life is never as good as you think.

The taste was awful.

I finally found the solution last night, after countless times trying to spice it up. I’ve baked, sautee, fried (pretty tasty but takes too long) and boiled to come to the perfect way to cook it. This is what you do.

  • Heat the frozen veggies up in a wok.
  • Let it melt and don’t drain the water
  • After all the ice are melted add olive oil
  • Stir fry a bit and later add soy sauce (Make sure you use Kikkoman’s other wise it’ll taste like crap). Don’t add too much that it change the color of your veggies.

That’s it, no salt, no nothing but soy and oil. it’s a great side dish against my sweet and garlic BBQ pork on rice.

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