Quitting coffee: day 2

The second day felt like a long drawn out war.

I couldn’t focus on anything mundane so I spent most of my time reading. Hard to stay awake and my eyes are sore for the most of the day.

4PM arrived and I noticed some random perspiration. I am also drinking more water than pissing them out. The caffeinated lifestyle must’ve lowered my cell’s water retention capacity and I am just making up for it now. That’s a big deal because water is the key to any physical activity. Perhaps I’ve been performing in a suboptimal condition.

By the end of the night when I have to attend a business social engagement, I was in a better mood and am generally more pleasant and interested in people. An emotion that I haven’t felt in a while. I enjoyed conversations for conversation’s sake.

I never thought stopping coffee could create this much withdrawal and it’s supposed to last from 2~7 days depending on your addiction level. It is not healthy at all.

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