My real cover letter

I’ve always wanted to write a cover letter tailored for myself and not the company which I am sending it to. So I thought: “Why not post it here?”

My main strength as a working productive citizen lies in the culmination of knowledge that I acquired in my dealings within different social groups. These, in my best attempt to identify them, are: Engineering, Investing and Performance Art. I agree that these are very different and unrelated fields, but believe me when I say that they all have the same origins: my curiosity and my search for a challenge.

That fact that I get satisfaction and entertainment from finding out how things work makes me naturally inclined to become an Engineer and have since eased my stress through numerous tough periods of product development cycles. It also takes away some of the mythical awes in technology and analyze them dispassionately.

The practice of constantly analyzing from different perspectives evolved naturally into my interest in investing. With that, I was able to learn and appreciate the art product valuation. This venture into the world of investing brought me face to face with my self. The doubts, emotions, losses and decisions all helped in furthering my understanding of the corporate world and most importantly of all: human nature.

To compensate for my technical and analytical interests, I took up ballroom dancing when I turned 18. I find it a great counter balance which improved other areas of my life. Through dancing, I learned how to express myself better as well as reaching a comfort level when performing in front of hundreds of people. Not to mention that it is a great way to stay fit. Because it is so different from the social circle of Engineering, I became more attuned to starting something unusual. which explains why I decided to join a start up chip design house in Taiwan when I graduated in year 2003; the year where high tech bubble is in full bloom.

So, if you are in need of an inquisitive person with technical background that can correctly analyze the market and is not afraid to be in the public spot light. I am your man.

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