Interesting quarter

I lived the life! Wasted money! And boy, does it suck to be single. Check out the Q3 report. It’s almost a year since I got serious about investing, after next quarter, I can finally do a review of exactly how well I did in a year. I discovered that Socializing cost about $400 per month if I do it every weekend.

Luckily winter is coming. So I will be staying at home to play video games most of the time. This should reduce the cost of living somewhat. Speaking of cost of living. I am really surprised at how little I use in terms of cleaning supplies. Thinking back, the rate at which my previous roomates and I consumes the supplies are probably 20 times my current rate. Minimalist living style does have its pluses.

The problem I am seeing now, is my food consumption. Whatever savings I gained from smaller supplies, I now made up in groceries. This is the only instances where I regret having my genes. The fact that I have to cook my own meal when I am dead hungry doesn’t help.

I will be reducing the frequency at which I post due to several reasons. The primary reason being the fact that I am still tweaking a new layout made from scratch. The second is due to my current initiative to improve my Engrish. Thinking about taking some basic classes and trying out Livemocha’s free language courses. I don’t have an opinion on the site yet because I only started recently. The fact that this is free is too good to be true.

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