Funny names of business

Growing up with many different names makes me less susceptible to impressive titles. To seek respect and put others down by showing how wonderful and complex my job title is. Names, used to describe a function and gives meaning about you in other people’s mind. The Causalien you know, is different from the Causalien that the others know.  They are all me, yet not me in entirety.

I usually ignore the person’s title when I first meet them and observe their interaction with others instead. There can only be a few functions that needs to present for a work group to function and the rest is just copying at a larger scale so the command structure can get through. You need the designer, who knows how everything works and the concept of how to design. Then the integrator who pieces all the different elements together for a functional unit. Which is passed on to the robot who will be the grunt of repetitive manufacturing. Once that’s done, the salesman who are in direct contact of the clients and pushes sales. When business is not good, a marketer to create hype and generate publicity. Finally, the manager and the coordinator to keep all the needs of the previous workers filled.

Or more simply put. A creator, an integrator, a salesman and a manager.

Though I do feel some awe when I rethink about the title of the “Sales guy” I’ve been mentioning in my previous posts. Regional sales manager sure conveys an air of importance to that of a greasy sleazy title of salesman. Whilst Engineering Application Specialist create the same amount of confusion to that of the System Integrator to the general public. Heck with it, I am not even sure I know the meaning. So far, I’ve never been interviewed by anyone who understand what my job title is about. The confusion displayed on people’s face is usually worth the effort of telling them that I was an ASIC design engineer. Other than that, in my dance circles. I’d just respond I am in IT.

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