Forever tainted

My previous job as a mixed signal audio design engineer messed up my enjoyment of music. Ever since then, I’ve been able to tell, just by listening, the type of problems that a particular music system has. Worst off, I get to understand that nothing we are listening to, is what the original sounds like. That the original, is usually a big disappointment in terms of the high sound quality that audiophiles seek.

My current job, allowed me to examine and play with a few hundred cameras so I know the limits and capabilities of technology on the sensor part. That is fine and dandy, at least I get to enjoy stunning pictures… That is, until a certain medical device maker forced me to work on a complete system from image capturing to the display on the monitor.

These doctors are able to tell a 1/4 of a frame’s delay (on a 60Hz refresh rate) along with a whole army of video glitches that they’ve experienced in their 30 years of experience. I, on the receiving end of their complaints, had to reproduce them and see it. Now that the veil is off and the knowledge is in me, it’s harder and harder to freely enjoy anything on TV because of all the glitches I am now able to see.

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