An expensive hobby

To help myself understand the impact of dancing in my life, I decided to finally put it down in black ink. A method I am using more and more to separate my emotional from my objective view. So far, dancing has had the second biggest impact in my life being only a few steps behind immigrating to Canada.

So, how much money did I exactly burn on this hobby? Here’s a shopping list. For your information. I danced for 8 years and competed seriously for 4 years. Some of these figures are average estimations since I don’t keep track of my spending back then.
First month being ripped off by Arthur Murray:

Lesson cost (average $40 per week for 8 years):
8x52x50 = $20800

5 * 200 = $1000

$1000(Standard) + $400(Latin) = $1400

Competition (average 12 times a year, $100 per competition for 4 years):
12x100x4 = $4800

Practice (5 times a week for 4 years):
4x52x5 = $1040

Travelling & hotel fees ($150 per competition for 4 years):
150x12x4 = $7200

Tally: $39200
That’s bigger than my investment portfolio, bigger than the down-payment for my house and way bigger than the immigration cost. Perhaps only equal to my university education cost. Not very funny at all.

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