Overdue venting

There are 448 emails sitting in my inbox.
10 of which from today.
2 phone calls of complicated integration problems on average a day.
I handle 28 states in US, in which 68% of the population resides.
New York, Florida, Texas, Washington
52 folders for different universities and system integrators
2 ongoing applications in development
Make that 3, someone decided to enter the DARPA challenge.
I am in charge of 4 different computers
The first one is a dual monitor bare bone PC that I use to connect to the 3 others
The second one is a 4 display system with 2 CRT and 2 medical monochrome True 10 bit LCD monitor.
The third one is a 64bit computer that has a few $10000 boards in it to do vision processing. Lots of wires
The fourth is a stand alone embedded system

I suppose freaking out and feeling rougher than usual is a more than accepted behavior at this moment.

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