Mom and Dad

Turns out that Dad’s been paying for his Mistress’s son’s education. He’s trying to get a Master’s degree and Dad’s shelling out $1000 per month for it for 4 years. Quite a big investment if you ask me.

Why not give those money to me so I can redecorate my apartment and buy REALLY expensive cloth and … oh. Dance.

Alex actually helped me understand his situation by taking his side of the debate. It’s true it is his money and he probablly value education above everything else. What I keep forgetting is that we are now 2 seperate entity that has no obligation towards each other. His values are different than mine and he can no longer change. I on the other hand, still have room to learn and understand. To accept people for the way they are.

Now I just have to kick the other “son”‘s ass so bad that he’d feel like wasting money investing in him :)

Which brings up another good point. It’s a waste of time if I pursue that goal as I am established in my own life and that need to be better than him will lead me to a chase at an empty goal.

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