I got the job!

Matrox called and made an offer. I accepted and partied with my roomates on a silly Monday night. I have a grin on my face that is embarrassingly obvious and no matter how hard I try I can’t hide if it means the death of me.


3 years I’ve been trying to get into the field of engineering in Canada. I started out with cold calls to engineering companies to get past the secretary, get past the admin assistant and talk to some managers. That was fun for a while until I got nowhere near the RD field that I want. It’s usually companies with some relationship to High tech R&D but in sales or legal domain that agrees to meet me. The real RD companies aren’t really impressed by me. At least talking to them give me the confidence that I can do this, I can cold call people I don’t know and get that 15 minutes I needed to meet the important people.

My problem was, I wanted to get into pure RD. Missed out alot of chances because of that. What can I say? I was young, cocky and I had a dream that I didn’t know I didn’t want.

For a year or two, I’ve been applying for every Matrox job that got posted. Fred and I got to know each other around this time. Looking back at my storage, there must be 10 different Resumes/Cover Letters created for Matrox. I gave up several times, depressed at not even getting a reply, but Fred kept me going by updating me with new position possibilities when I am too weary to look, urging me to send in resume when my life is a mess and I am struggling to pay the rent. Thank you Fred I am so getting you a Mont Blanc.

A month ago I got a call for a position that I applied about a month earlier. I’ve already given up on that one and Matrox completely. Was recovering from the loss and scouting out companies elsewhere… they called, I grabbed on to the chance and harrassed them with phone calls. Played alot of phone tags, got depressed, jumped in joy, slumped in depression, jumped and slumped a few more time untill today.

This long hard struggle helped magnify the joy I am feeling. Suddenly, alot of things became irrelevant and alot of other things became important in my life. I can afford some of my superfluous pursuits and buy things that are actually of good quality so I don’t have to spend time fixing them all the time.

This gave confirmation to the last 8 years of my life.

Phone interview 15 minutes,
Interiview with HR, Expert, TM, 2 hours and a half
Interview with big boss, 30 minutes
Phone tags ~20
Amount of consecutive time the stupid grin is showing on my face: 12 hours and counting.

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