Official quit

I didn't get the position to manage agents at the current place I am working at. It's depressing because it's one of the interview that I've decided to hide nothing about my dancing and my preferences and how it helps me instead of hinders me at work. It feels like my life as a whole, my belief in what I am doing is rejected.

Granted I have backup jobs, but I've started out with the company and endured the hardships in the beginning when nothing is for certain. I am qualified for it and it's a waste to keep me at the agent's level. This certainly is different from my last job where my boss tried for a month to avoid talking to me so I wouldn't bring it up… and the standing ovation I got in the end when it is my final day at work was classic…

Reflecting on why. Ever since the dominant male figure left for a better position at headquarters. Basically handing of the power in women's hands, none of the position opening up within this call center has been occupied by men. It's all women… Now that I actually think about it, there's only 3 men occupying any position beside agent and they've been there since the beginning too. The rest are women … equality my ass.

Anyway, I can't stand just being a mindless drone anymore when I actively ask for more responsibility and more things to do. I also don't like how they keep talking down to us as if we are worthless and dispendable. We are yes, but c'mon give us some illusion.

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