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When faced with an unknown situation (my case, the weird relay call) humen respond in 3 different ways:

1. Embrace ( Ok let's try this see what you have to say)
2. Avoidance ( Let me transfer you to the right department)
3. Ignorance ( click, hang up)

I have to keep remind myself that I want to be type 1.
I had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of the relay service today. A user called our competitor in order to call customer service at the place I work. It was weird being reminded to slow down and to say go ahead at the end of the sentence. It's bitter sweet.

The call was a very unexpected customer service call that only team managers should get. I wasn't trained for it but I decided to take it. ( Later I found out that no team manager was on duty, good to know they love shove everything at me when there's no one else… without telling me )

I overheard enough phone calls to customer service to know what to say and applied, the 3 dos. Repeat, explain and patience. So yeah, it was about the phone network and how the TDD machine they use in the states can be brought over here to be used. I had no resources with me and no Internet access, oh well, wasn't the first time I did tech support blind. She got out of it very satisfied, I got out of it saying “wow, how do I know all these”. Then flash backs of all those conversations with the night time IT guy showed up in my brain.

Alot of things are coming together now. I am glad, I am going to collapse because I am sweating cold sweat from lack of sleep. Worked last night 4 to midnight, slept 3 hours, woke up at 5 work 7 to 3. My youth is fading, I can't handle as much of these as I used to.

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