Why does she has to become this good, when everyone else just got fat, ugly, or stayed the same.

Now I want to dance with her really badly.

Josee categorized me in prechamp while James and Luda categorized me in gold… I want to know what Manon thinks before I reach a conclusion.

Sigh… time to learn how to fix a fence tomorrow. It's my first time, and it's going to be a mess.

BTW, I am very proud of myself today. I went to a job fair after waiting for 1 hour in line. Was about to give up, but what the heck. So I went in, tried to joke around first and then talked to them about stuff. I liked working the floor like there's no tomorrow and it is fun talking to people. I have no idea how many resumes I've sent. Close to 30 must've been.

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