To lose everything is to gain everything else

In chin yuong’s kung fu book series, there was this one monk, who’ve mastered all the fighting techniques of the shao ling temple and the chi is strong within him.

In a fight, he lost all his kung fu and chi to another, but instead of being angry and filled with killing rage, he thanked the young man for saving his spirit.

Because he is so good at kung fu, he couldn’t let go and bring himself to escape the conflicts. Because he has so much, he kept on chasing for more, even if it means damanging his body, corrupting his soul and joining the ways of the dark side.

When he lost it all. It is already done. He can finally start over. He is reborn.

Gogethers like me has one important lesson to learn in life. And that is to let go. Because we are so used to chasing after the top, we do not know failure and letting go.

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