What a great chef can do

Ever paid attention to what make the most expensive dish stand out from all the other expensive dishes? Besides the chef’s ability to feel the state of the ingredients and the cost of them.

Of course, expensive food taste better… but its feel, is that of a constant and unexciting good. Kind of like descending from a mountain. You do it slowly.

Now, imagine eating the food and suddenly feeling the explosion of a hidden spice that the chef prepared for you. Put at the right spot so the customer would experience it after the base taste of the expensive ingredients have settled in. Isn’t it like a hard penetrating dive into a layer of soft snow? Comfy and tense at the same time.

And that is what you’ll remember, instead of how much the beef actually costed. Ironically, the spice probablly cost $1 while the rest of it costs $1000

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