A week of time is a lifetime's difference.

I joined a professional training service. They give us workshops on how to call people up and get an interview. Basically, ways to get around the phone block. Within, the week, they’ve turned me into a buisnessman. Something I’ve dreaded for a while. It was only a matter of learning how to apply my confidence and my intuition I learnt before into calling people.

And of course practices practices and practices. Calling up random manager of random company and getting an interview is a great feeling and once you got it once. It keeps on coming.

In a matter of 3 days, I’ve filled up my time with alot to do and people to see. It is great. It is not as depressing as before and I am having fun. Most of the people there are changing too. Everyone’s afraid of being hurt, everyone’s afraid of calling someone and begging for a job. But one by one, we all come to the realization that we are not begging, but playing a game of persuation. We are not begging, but selling outselves and exchaning services. It was hard and embarrassing on the first few tries, but it was worth it afterwards. You must see it as a learning experience all the time. Just getting past the secretary is a fun experiment. I always imagine myself as an important buisness partner when I call them and the secretary will be too afraid to ask questions due to the tone of my voice. Then, after that, it’s just a matter of showing whichever manager you get to talk to, how much guts you have and how persistant you are. Yes, people get annoyed at you calling them, but that’s only if they know you personally and don’t interact with you on a professional level. Just like dating, where people would ignore your call. I find it easier to contact those whom I’ve never talk to before because they’d first respect my guts before thinking of anything else.

The most important trick is to throw your ego out of the window and let everyone stomp on it till it is shattered beyound repair. Then you have nothing to lose.

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