The loss so far

The estimate of the car repair came in. Windows, + repaint two doors + replace leather on the door + replace windows trim lead to some pretty large sum. Ever since I moved to living in Vancouver, I’ve experienced several events that led to loses which trigerd some really negative emotions. Not so much as the loss itself, but the absolute helplessness you feel when encountering these events in Vancouver.

1. Home burglary: Estimated loss $10 000

2. Intentional Renter damages: Estimated loss $5 000

3. Loss from money manager absconding with funds: $30 000

4. Loss from Vehicle Vandalism: $1 500

It is really mess up, but it can be summed up with: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

In a late stage bleeding heart socialist heaven, the police doesn’t bother to process property crimes anymore so they will only do something if it is right in front of them, but once they leave the vicinity, it’s business as usual. Once a crime is committed against your property, it is up to you, the owner to sue the perpetrator in a civil court to recoup the funds. This presents several problems.

1. You have to hire someone to find these people who have no address and no ID. Private investigators start with $1000

2. You have to sue them. A letter from a lawyer to start the process cost $500

3. Serve the paper (see the big problem here? Someone willing to show up in a drug den to serve papers?)

4. Squeeze money out of stone. These people have no assets and live day to day.

So unless you lost $30k+ worth of stuff, it  is probably not worth it to sue. Why is it this way you ask? Because it costs more to have the court clogged up by these matters and jail these people. In a sense yes, this is true, but what the government is now asking, is for the individuals of the society to bear the costs of supporting these people. Mind you, there’s also the whole support industry that sprung up to profit off these downtrodden people. They are the advocates for rights and protection of their bad behaviors. :You are discriminating against the poor.” So they say.

And as time goes by, as they learn that there are no consequences, the incidents increase. More people gets into it until at one point, the society cannot bear it anymore. When everyone became the downtrodden, something will break.

I believe we are seeing the beginning of the wheel coming off. I saw this coming, mentally prepared for it but having it happen to me still sucks. Especially this helpless feeling where I’ve taken every precaution possible but it is still not enough because they only need you to slip up once. Park in the wrong spot outside of the camera’s view at just the wrong time while the security guards are changing their shift. The moment they set their sight on your property, it’s a matter of when, not if.

What it does for me though, is that it cement the fact that I should not be living in downtown, nor having any of my properties stored here. The only way living in downtown can work, is if I have a house first where I can have my own security system in place and things locked down. While having a secondary condo in downtown for fun. But no, Vancouver will tax you to death for secondary properties that sits empty.


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