Around the world: Kyoto

Winter in Kyoto is very much like Vancouver winter. It doesn’t rain as much, but is cloudy all the time. I’d have to say that the weather here is nicer than Canada. I wonder why they don’t have as much problems with foreigners coming in and snapping up apartments like we do. Vancouver’s answer to its real estate problems might lie with Japan. However, I have a suspicion that the answer might be immigration.

It’s been a week now since I Ianded in Japan. I am starting to see some girls as pretty. This gradual change of beauty perception always amazes me. The same plain looking girl I met a week ago is actually pretty. Or it could just be that Kyoto woman is prettier than Osaka woman. Makes me really wonder if she will still be pretty when I am back in Vancouver and looking at her through Japanese eyes.

I am also starting to understand the reason for the creation of these Japanese Shut ins. The environment is really conductive to such a lifestyle. Things are just way too convenient and the food is everywhere. Not just any food. Good quality food. So I can see myself getting really fat from eating if I live here long term. No wonder most of their manga starts off with some ordinary shut in guy with a job where they are burnt out. The politeness, lack of eye contact, social rules. The all contribute to a diminished human contact and chances for relationship to build.

Even though I’d love to live in a city in Japan with so many conveniences. I don’t think I can withstand turning into a social shut in.

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