2018 Resolution

Haven’t done one of these for a while because I am usually somewhere traveling around this time of the year, but this year, I am still here dealing with a stupid passport problem that appeared from a 9/11 anti terrorist law passed and enforced in 2014. Setting a new year resolution also makes me lazy. Instead of tackling whatever it is I want to do right NOW, I’d often put it off till after new years and it eventually never get done. That said, I have a list of project that’s ongoing as of this date so I will just list them. These goals are not meant to be achievable as I have mostly completed all the goals I previously set.

Get stronger: Hulk Smash

Travel to all the countries

Flagpole in every country

Fix this blog:

Just went and read through my spam filter. Many readers pointed out many things wrong with my site. Ever since the ISP change, many things got broken and I haven’t touched the programming side of things for 2 years.

Reach 30

Achieve Master Diver status

Learn Guitar

Learn Leather working

Learn German

New Bucket list

Great wall of China
Porcelain Tower of Nanjin
Hua Shan
Monk life at Shaolin Temple
Kumano Kodo
Heaven’s gate
Han Soong Dong cave

Great Pyramid of Gyza

Machu Pichu
Camino del Inca
Torres de Plaine
Chichen Itza
Strada della Prima Armata

Aurora Borealis
Great Barrier Reef

SS Thistlegorm

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