Whirlwind nest making

It’s been four months. Most days I just feels frustrated at things moving so slowly. Others I tempt fate and fight the desire to doze off while sitting. It’s hard to stay positive through the daily slow grind of little wins. Here’s what I’ve done so far.

  • Found a place in gastown downtown Vancouver to rent
  • Built my own PC
  • Built my own bed/desk
  • Lawsuit with previous tenant
  • Some fucked up shit with the current tenant
  • Got the perfect part time job.
  • Dealt with government’s shit from the past 3 years while I was away
  • Realigned everything to make them more efficient.
  • Restored my personal backup server.
  • Worked out steadily every other day
  • Started Muay Thai classes
  • Took swing dancing classes

Of course, I also got sick twice whenever I overextended it too much. But that’s just the way I roll.

So now things are slowing down even more and I don’t need coffee to keep me awake to meet deadlines anymore, I’ve been having too much time to think. Without coffee, my memory sucks, I can lift 5 lbs less in my workout and I have a really hard time remaining on any one task for long. i.e. I get bored really easily.

I have realized that, shit, I need some type of sin to funnel all my excess time and money into. Since I’ve adopted a very minimalist vagabond style and have worked away all different types of addiction on my spiritual journey, there’s nothing to devote myself to… Nothing exciting enough for my increased tolerance for adrenaline.

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