Around the world: Zagreb

Met another Canadian in Zagreb who echoed the same thought I have. After having travelled this far, we finally realized that Canada is a great country. I’ve been staring at travel pics of Canada and staying at places longer and longer. Before I left, I probably have an unrealistic expectation of a heaven that I will find in Europe. The reality on the ground is very different. Europe’s mystic, is partly created through marketing. Once I started to think about living and interacting with the locals, I started to see cracks at the seams of their social fabrics.

Before coming here, I wondered why Europeans would want to move to America. Now I understand. Europe is not the promised land. Environmentally, economically and technologically, Europe was the only possible rival to America. Now that is no longer true in my mind when I consider my own job opportunity, the long road to immigrate into a new country and people. Canadians are the nicest people on earth and that is one good truth that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Canadians I’ve met in other parts of the world are people I’d love to be friends with. But I never get to meet them back home. Perhaps it is a matter of lifestyle for me. Yes, I was definitely living like a different person back then. Perhaps, it was all my own doing that led me to seek what I need all over the globe.

Maybe this is the answer. I’ve been looking for. And it took 3 years away from home for me to realize.

Going to Plitzvice lakes later, will write more when I get back.

Plitzvice lake is truly wonderful, even though it is cloudy, the waterfalls, the colors and the calmness.

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