Around the world: Shkoder

Sometimes I don’t take the shot and just stay in the moment.

As I travel, it becomes less for others and more for my own growth. This is probably the primary reason that I have stopped taking pictures. It interrupts the moment and cheapens the experience.

I watched the secret life of Walter Mitty with a bunch of other backpackers. It was surprisingly deep and are probably thoughts from other vagaounds, But I think that a lot of the lessons in the movie got loss because the lessons can only be experienced, not taught.

Still, having a character spell it out in a cliche quote really hit it home. I like how the movie set it up as if Sean planned the whole adventure and then the reality turns out to be less complex. It was Walter’s ow. need that transformed it into an adventure.

The movie inspired a few people in the hostel to travel, but surprisingly most people said it was the beauty of the sceneries that inspired them. The lessons seems to have been lost. This is why I get the impression that these lessons cannot be taught and can only be experienced.

By now, I’ve been away from home for 3 years now, 2 if which was spent working in foreign country. Continuous Traveling has only been 4 months. I think that it is the continuous stretch of travel that counts. Everytime I return home, my attitude resets. I believe that i need to stay away long enough so that this true self I became on the road can take its root firmly.

Traveling in Albania is what traveling used to be like 10 years ago.

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