Around the world: Mostar

The call for prayer echoed off the surrounding mountain ranges as sat here drinking turkish coffee and admiring the Stari Most. There is no longer any doubt in my mind that I am a stranger in a strange land.

Some experiences cannot be captured. And I never know I was meant to experience it until it happened.

Took the early morning 6:55 am train from Sarajevo to Mostar for 11 BAM. Leaving Sarajevo as the first ray of sun hits the valley is a great sight to see. The turquoise water against the mountainous backdrop and pieces of cloud is even better. I definitely say, take the early morning train, it’s worth it if it is sunny.

Hostel David, is the place to go. Stefan the manager is the reason why I am here. Been hearing about this hostel since Split. The friendliness of the hosts in Bosnia where they treat foreigners like kings and queens is definitely a big contrast to that of Western Europe. Heaven and earth when compared to Northern Europe where the receptionist tells you they don’t know who you are so just give them your number. Even though I k ow it is just marketing, but I am human and little things like this affects me.

Most people feels the same way, that they had to rush through western Europe because it was so expensive compared to America.

Josh the Australian, John the Spaniard, Sai the Japonais and the standoffish Swedish guy. Stereotype galore, but it no longer phases me. I’ve come to understand why they are the way they are and I am just your typical friendly Canadian.

Stefan, el capitano, had a heart to heart talk with me. I’ve long suspected that behind the funny demeanor, he has a side that correctly gauges people’s emotional state. I did not notice him observing our interactions, but he was able to read our status in society from watching while joking around in broken English.

I should stop faking who I am now because it creates a cognitive dissonance in others. Either because of my confidence in my abilities or being sure if who I am and what I want, something is showing through.

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