Around the world: Ancona

Going back to just using this as a journal now. I was aiming for some grand thing to a point where each post takes at least a day. Then I’d get paralysis because I don’t want to spend that much time writing and making everything interesting. Part of the reason I did that is because I realized I am giving too much of myself away. Allowing others to pass judgement on me while I often don’t know anything about them.

So from now on, it’s back to a wall of texts and maybe I will upload the pictures when I get to stop for a bit. I will also just write about mundane daily life.

It’s been raining hard since the afternoon. I am lucky I managed to find the ticket office with the small amount of Italian I can speak. Part of being thick skinned and no shame at all. Travel teaches you that. Here it is in case anyone is wondering. Even some of the locals don’t know.

near Via Enrico Mattei, 3, 60125 Ancona, Italy

My roomate and I spend some time talking about the Mafia. He’s the architect and interior designer for most of them in Siscily. According to him, the bosses have given the go ahead to the front line grunts to do whatever is necessary to provide for their own family. You’d have no idea the economy is that bad in Italy. Millions of tourists in Venice and Rome cannot make up for gross mismanagement of money.

The good thing about rainy days like this, is that I get an excuse to repair all the wear and tears on my gears and exercise. A few seams have started to rip so I cut the threads and sealed it with the only sealant I can find. Coloskin which is an instant glue + anti biotic for wounds.

Tomorrow I head to Split Croatia, taking the Amatori ferry. In a sense, I feel relieved to finally leave Western Europe. It was not the promised heaven I’ve been seeking and my wallet really hurts.

I am actually looking forward to going to India. According to many, a very uncomfortable shit hole. My destination is Richkash, the holy city that predate civilization. As I have quite a few questions on my mind that will need time to figure out. Time alone in meditation where I am not constantly worried about cost of living. It seems that something in me changed at San Marino after seeing that epic scenery. I just haven’t had time to figure out what it is.

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