Secret plan completed

In 2007, I hinted at a secret plan that I had undergone: Resolution 2007 Review

Originally I started with the intention to complete the plan within 3 years. The financial crisis derailed that plan and eventually doubled the time to six years. As a result, my past 3 years had been purely reactionary to the new world order and as a result. I am where I am today with the new shackles and responsibilities I decided to shoulder in order to achieve the goal. I have a tendency to complete my projects. Which was part of the plan.

The plan was devised as a broad stroke step by step execution in eliminating everything that I am not satisfied with in my life. Addressing the environment that I live in, my financial independence,  my dating situation, my mess of a incomplete project roster and my own dissatisfaction at my own character flaws.

Everything starts with financial independence as the first mile stone. But as you have all experienced now, that was impossible. So I had to do all the other ones without achieving the first milestone. But…

I have finally reached it. A state of financial well being and skill in money manipulation that I know I will not be hungry ever. It is not the be all and end all of everything, but it sure as hell enhanced everything else because it takes away the desperation. It lessens the load on planning because I don’t have to try and figure out how to do things without using money anymore. I can finally, throw money at a problem so to speak.

Looking back, I wished I could achieve this level earlier in life because a lot of what I had to do, a lot of what I was dissatisfied with my own personality comes from having to penny pinch. I cannot emphasis enough how hard it was to be giving and generous, when I had no money at all. Yes, judge me. I should be able to do that without money, but I don’t live in lala land.

So, with the secret plan finally completed. It is finally time to move on to the next plan. This one is very simple. I simply want to focus everything on broadening my human connections and building up my social network.

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