On the eve of…

My first memory of school class in Quebec is that of being berated in front of the whole classroom by the teacher for not being able to answer her questions and for suckiNguyen too much at French. She told me to get out of her face that day. Little did she know that I’d end up being the student with the highest grades in her Economy 101 class.

People know that my opinion of Quebec is not that great and I’ve had severbal confrontations already with people who believed I was dissing their culture when in fact, I just have doubts about the socialist ways they tax their population. From time to time though, I do wonder if my disdain isn’t’t coming from something  more fundamental, like a really bad high school experience from their public school system.

But here I am on the eve of putting all that behind because I realized that language matters and that deep down, people st7ll thinks like my economy 101 teacher. Speak my language or get out of my face, no matter what I am capable of.

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