In a weird limbo again. I got 3 months. Barely enough time to do anything. You can’t build a life either. I think I am really pissed because I spent the past year relocating my life here and now… Fuck it.

Met some other execs. It is always exciting meeting other execs. Once we danced around the subject of each other’s industries and confirmed that there’s no conflict of interest. Out comes the complaints. It is rare that you get to meet someone whom you can compare notes and have no conflict of interest at this level, but when you do, it feels like magic.

The western way of thinking is so different. I am also getting girls confessing their love for me… Not the ones I want, but at least I know I am somewhat attractive. That’s 2 in 6 months versus none that I’ve had in my life. Maybe American woman are just more open when it comes to men they like.

I’ve made some decisions myself. Once I am in the western world, things are very clear. I am not doubting myself anymore from the cultural influence. In fact, it seems weird to even question that there’s any other way.

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