There are times in dealings where bad luck jumps out of nowhere making things a broken deal. Which pits the seller against the buyer. It is always recognizable because it gives me that sinking feeling, knowing that I have to take a loss in order to go above and beyond my call of duty for someone who’s not related to me. I always asks am I being ripped off by the buyer? Which is worse? Living the rest of my life knowing that I’ve been ripped off? Or living the rest of my life knowing that I upheld my belief of integrity?

These are moments when, the core of what your problems surfaces. Will admitting to myself in the future that I am just being a fool and easily scammed be a problem? Or am I comfortable enough with my street smart to swallow this fact and have the other core belief surface to shine through. The fact that money is not the issue here and I need to recognize this.

WTF am I even worried about? My daily commissions fees send to my broker cost more than this!!!

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