2012 Prediction scorecard


Tech: 80%
Energy: 0%
Financials: 66%

It’s funny looking at my portfolio, I realized that I am focused at only 3 sectors. Which I would say is probably my own style and reason for success.

Of the tech sector, I made more prediction since it is my main focus. What did I see in tech?
-The rise of google glass to replace Apple.
-TSLA succeed in bringing electric cars to mass production.
-Fall from grace of groupon.
-Death of Zynga.
-Death of salesforce (CRM), which did not happen. I made the mistake of predicting something that I have not used before.

I don’t understand the energy sector at all.
-Was calling $20 for Cameco On Oct 15.
-BP still hasn’t recovered.

Banks :l
-BAC still hasn’t increased dividend.
-Visa is headed towards $200
-CRBC trippled in value.

This post brought to you with cursive writing on a Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 bringing the joy back into writing

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