Zania week 11: Inventory 2

Forwarding is active and the Zania project now permanently resides in the subdomain:

Didn’t get much done this week. There were several things in life that preoccupied me. 1. My mom’s continued illness that requires my attention and fighting with my dad on getting her treatment. Something that I’ve been writing about and is turning into a novel. It is our family’s problem. 2. The US financial Charade. 3. Not having money because I don’t want to exchange my investment gains from US to Canada, a self imposed problem but a problem nonetheless. The problem is exaggerated by the fact that Quebec government still hasn’t refunded my tax after 4 months and is playing a game of tag with me using snail mail at the moment. I mean c’mon, I have an email address.

These disrupted my peace of mind add to the fact that the December deadline for their repatriation is coming closer. There are more and more stuff that I need to do and none of it for myself.


  • Change xml loading to relative path instead of absolute path.
  • Fixed RayCast problem with compound object
  • Problems with non square polygon shapes as bullets. The orientation of the bullet when it exits the ship is wrong. Also momentum of the bullet needs to adjust with the ship body.
    • Because of the massive force applied to a body with small mass any slight delay in the execution of code from when the body is created to when the force is applied will have a slight offset to the bullet’s center of mass, thus sending the bullet out with a torque. The velocity is thus set instead of applied as an external force.


  • Add damage to Laser type weapons
  • Forced to revisit contact events and Damage assignment. The new physics engine changed that drastically, also, laser damage needs a separate event for itself.
  • Add offset for weapons position in ship
  • Move bullet creation to actor construction.
  • AI calculation on where to turn is a bit off when player is positioned at the 2nd quadrant (and directly at negative y axis) compared to the AI.
  • GUI health bar not decreasing correctly fully, also, health count drops to negative before counting is terminated
  • Determine which class should be the one retaining weapon ID
    • Actor? Ship? Player? AI?

Reviewed milestone

  • Core: Physics based space shooter
  • GUI: Health, ammo, radar, inventory
  • Graphics: B/W vector graphics
  • Music: 1 track repeated

Original Milestone

  • One player ship and one ai ship artwork finished along with their xml data (Art + some programming)
  • Hitpoints, body existence timer and actor destruction (Hardcore Programming)
  • One planet orbiting the sun. (Hardcore Programming)
  • GUI placement (Art + menial Programming): Health bar, ammo count, radar, inventory
  • Booster animation (Art + Math + some programming)
  • Populated galaxy (menial programming)
  • Dynamic graphics loader for background? (Cleverness)

Features for next release

  • Genetic AI
  • Secondary gravity fields for planets large objects and black holes
  • Multiple galaxies

Features for future release

  • Base building
  • Market systemZ

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