Zania day 22: New confidence


I’ve finished market research on current genres. I basically played a lot of games on iphone, ipad and on the web and found out that Android platforms have exactly the same games. Luckily also,there weren’t any new big ticket commercial games released recently. To my surprise, nothing new has been made in the past 5 years. Nothing new in terms of game genres. Also, nobody has done what I have planned for my game, so I should at least be able to present something unique.

Being able to focus on one thing, actually making the decision to not spread myself thing between dancing, trading and programming is allowing me to make leaps in the game. I am glad I made the decision, I just hope that this can last for a while before I feel like my life sucks.

My new notebook for programming is an accidental success for my needs. I have already thought up a new scheme to expand it. I wonder if others would like it. The idea is there, I now need a way to manufacture prototypes. More research.


In the middle of sorting out asynchronous events that complete at different time. Flash actionscript’s event dispatcher is quite confusing and nobody programming in flash seems to have experience in the old school C/C++ where threads are used. But, I’ve finally made the connection and I think that I should be able to finish this tomorrow.

On the same note, I ran into problems coding the automated physics shape creator. What’s happening is that the player gets loaded after the physics object is created. In my design, the player’s position X, Y are stored in the player class. So the ship gets loaded at 0, 0, then the position X and Y gets loaded. Which creates a big problem and is the primary reason why I need to find a way to wait for both events to complete before doing the final physics object creation.

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