Hi I am a Mac

I’ve been a PC for the better part of my life. I know them inside out and can figure out most of the problems, but this is the exactly why I should get off the PC platform.

The final straw occurred when my PC busting up and needing a part exchange. It was a series of unfortunate event, but it resulted in my PC being away for the better part of one month and hence keeping me away from accessing my trading platform. During this time, I suffered severe losses in my trading because of the unavailability of the platform that I use. Before that, I had been in Taiwan for a month, attending my brother’s wedding. So that makes two months in a row that I don’t have access to the platform.

One of these days, I decided to go to the apple store to fix my iPhone and got the opportunity to deal with their services or “Genius”. The difference was night and day. I didn’t have to convince them that it is within the warranty, I don’t feel like a thief being accused of sabotaging my own PC and most important of all. I did not have to wait. Compared to the loops I had to jump through to fix my PC because most PC caters to the sweatshop type? I’ll just list the loops I had to jump through to speed up my repair for you:

  1. I self diagnosed the problem and narrowed it down to a SATA bus’s inability to write data. Took me a day
  2. Waited a month, called the frigging support people 3 times trying to get things going. Believe me, I know all the tricks, but when it comes to returning the mobo to the manufacturer, it’s all the same.
  3. There’s a general lack of communication in PC tech support and a lack of desire to actually understand what I wanted
  4. Finally on my last call, the straw broke (the day I lost $5000). I decided to scrap the old motherboard and just buy a new one. Costing $70.
  5. I paid a $50 for them to assemble my PC for me, just for the possibility of this event. Needless to say, it did not work and the $50 is lost.

So there you go, I realize that at this stage of my life, I don’t want to deal with crappy work ethics anymore and it’s worth it to pay more in order to save time. Apple provides that.

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