Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • IN 2 days while I was away on business trip, Obama's one speech decreased my net worth by 10%. Does he want a recovery or not? #
  • Bravo Obama, you are about to turn a recession into the "GREATER DEPRESSION". You just lost all my respect. #
  • Oh wow, this hotel room is luxurious. #
  • Away in Albany USA. #
  • This is classic. Problems arise that needs my attention the day before my business trip. #
  • That otta tell Obama that "Yes we like change, but stop punishing people who want to make money" #
  • Obama lost MA senate seat and thus the super majority in congress. Stocks are going to rally good. #
  • Woo hoo. You go Christina Hendricks. You'll always be my favorite Saffron on firefly. #
  • The problem Obama is having in MA is due to the fact that he pissed off too many rich people in my opinion. #
  • @natashaduchene Hold on. I thought you ARE living there. Where exactly are you living right now? in reply to natashaduchene #
  • @equivocality Lucky you, your term expired this year. Mine won't expire till 2 more years and by then, the rate will be waaay up. in reply to equivocality #
  • Had such a blast salsaing tonight that I want to dance with her again. #
  • Begin a 3 month phasing out of my investments into fixed income. Taking a huge tax hit this year… because I am THAT worried. #

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